holly_reading_sunflowersHolly Savas is a mixed media fine artist whose work is driven by combining dissonant elements that exaggerate the visual contrasts she sees in the world around her. 

Working from her studio in San Francisco’s NOPA district, Holly is an avid collector of paper debris and similar ‘accidentally discovered’ items in her neighborhood that lend an element of spontaneity to her creative process and often comprise a good part of her finished pieces, whether serving as bold subject or simply background material in a series of work. 

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Holly has worked from her home studio in San Francisco’s North Panhandle neighborhood for almost two decades. She has also lived in Spain, Southern California and New York City. Holly shows her work in the Bay Area and throughout California, and recently won the Sustainable Arts Foundation Finalist Award given to working artists with families. Her recent work has been shown at The Studio Gallery in San Francisco, The Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, The Chico Art Museum as well as galleries in Santa Monica, Laguna Beach and Pt. Reyes, CA.